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 Coffee Clatch Online

 Cindy's popular Coffee Clatch mini-workshops are now available online and are the best deal in the business. Everyone needs a mentor now and then, and these 1.5 hour webinars are a great way to connect with Cindy for a fun, informal session with other singers.  Use this time to brainstorm on a special project, ask those burning career questions, or address topics of interest to the group, such as how to discover and promote your selling points, how to get an agent, marketing yourself for different types of gigs, and more.

February 6

February 19

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 Book Your Own Workshop or Webinar!

Cindy will design a workshop to fit your group's interests, needs, and budget. 


1:1 Consultations

  Consultations are your private time to address any issue that has you feeling stuck or overwhelmed; to unravel the answers to your questions about the business, your own career, or a specific situation; and to find support and effective, doable strategies to get your career to the next level. You'll get Cindy's full attention and straightforward, actionable, kind advice. Whether you’re a neophyte, an established professional, or an artist in transition, you’ll receive personal attention to your concerns and goals and walk away with actionable ideas and strategies to help you achieve them.

February  2017


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Budgeting & Retirement Planning for Musicians

Creating and staying on a budget when you live the freelance lifestyle is a mystery and a stress to many musicians. So is learning to treat your singing as a small business. Jeremiah Johnson has been there done that, and he's created an easy-to-follow program utilizing smart phone apps, simple concepts, and checklists to help musicians understand the finances of being a freelancer. Learn how to create and stay on a budget as a traveling musician, determine what a gig will COST you, figure out how much of your fee you'll actually take home; how to provide for your own future without a traditional 401K; what you need to know about IRAs, and more.







You, Inc.: Taxes and Business Basics for the Freelancer

What can you actually deduct without raising a red flag with the IRS? How can you simplify your taxes? What's the best way to set up and budget for your singing career? Should you corporate? Jeremiah Johnson answers these questions and more so you can take control of your finance and your future.



Feb 6

Feb 19


 Feb 2017




Dates coming!



Dates coming!