“I’ve had some success, but now nothing is happening and I feel stuck. How do I get to the next level?”


“I took some time off singing. Now I have a big gap in my resume and the business has changed a lot. I’m not sure how to get started again, or whether I even have a chance.”


“I have lots of good ideas, but I don’t know how to implement them and I need help staying on track.”


“My child wants to be an opera singer, but we don’t know anything about careers in music or what to look for in a school.”


“We do a great job of teaching our students how to sing, but they need some current perspective on how the business works and how to get started once they graduate.”


“I have no idea where to begin. It’s all just overwhelming.”

Everybody needs another set of eyes and ears, a fresh perspective, and a helping hand now and then. With twenty-five years (and counting) of experience as a professional, working singer and consultant, Cindy Sadler can pinpoint what you most need and help you create actionable strategies to help achieve success. Whether it’s private consulting, a workshop, or ongoing career mentoring, Cindy’s famous mix of no-nonsense advice, humor, and caring support will help you realize your goals, and have fun doing it.

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