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The Student Singers' Starter Kit

Before you invest thousands of dollars and years of your life in your classical music education, invest $9.99 in this must-have resource.


The comprehensive guide to selecting and auditioning for schools and getting the education you need to prepare you for a career in vocal music. Includes a step-by-step guide to successful auditioning, instructions on creating a professional quality repertoire list, a giant checklist of questions to ask about your school, and answers to questions you didn’t know you needed to ask, such as:


  • What’s the single most important decision you will make about your education?
  • How do you find a good voice teacher?
  • How can you avoid abusers and charlatans who take your money, your time, and your confidence?
  • How can you select a school that will give you what you need to launch your career?
  • What are the top ten things you need to learn while you’re still in school?
  • How can you get ready for a knockout school audition?


"This highly informative, thorough guide to college voice study is an absolute MUST for every student considering the pursuit of higher ed vocal training. Cindy Sadler does an amazing job with this unique publication, taking the angst out the search for the right match between the student and the numerous conservatory/college/university vocal training programs in existence. Every parent whose child is considering the pursuit of a vocal music degree needs to read this book cover to cover. I have a copy on my desk and consistently recommend it to prospective students and their parents."

- Jean del Santo, Lyric Soprano & Associate Professor of Voice, University of Minnesota

Price: $9.99




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